Blue Apron week 3 meal 1 and big decisions

Happy Thursday and its almost the weekend!!!



Tonight i came home and did lesson 1 part 1 of rosetta stone Spanish then made my dinner.


I added some extra spiral noodles and a little bit of extra bottled pasta sauce that i had left in the fridge.



This meal was actually pretty easy to make and made a ton!!! Though its really light which is nice.


Oh i also added a little string cheese hahahahaha.
I ate a full helping, have lunch for tomorrrow and a lunch this weekend and still put 2 helpings worth in the freezer.  Woot woot 5 meals out of this dish.

After dinner i did lesson 1 part 2 or rosetta stone spanish.

So big decision…….remember that house guest we had that stole my heart, the black dog. Her owner needs a new home for her and has asked if i would like to adopt her.

I love animals and growing up my house always had pets but they were family pets and my parents always paid for everything this would be my first real pet that was completely my responsibility, though our house already has a dog, my roommates, so it wouldn’t be too big of a change. And we all help out and take the dogs out when we get home and such but she would be my dog and my responsibility. This animals well being would be my responsibility…..that is a huge undertaking and should not be entered into lightly.

On top of that this poor dog was severely misstreated for the first 2 years of her life before her current owner got her from the humane society so she is kind of skittish. But she is the sweetest thing ever…….and who are we kidding she has already stolen my heart……I believe i am getting a dog.

Any advice?

One thought on “Blue Apron week 3 meal 1 and big decisions

  1. Get the dog!!!!!
    U know u want too! Lol
    And I want to do blue apron. Lol.
    Hope ur feeling good.
    Hope u have an awesome day.

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