Random Wednesday Wonderings

Hi everyone!!!!!

Today was a good but painful day.

I went into work for an hour because i am already looking at a tiny next paycheck due to my surgery.

I got to the surgens office about 30 min early which is pretty normal for me, then i realized i forgot a book to read


This is my face after the receptionist tells me the dr is running 10-15min behind schedule……..great 45 min of phone instagram surfing!!!!!! Woohoo (sarcasm)

Getting the stitches taken out actually didn’t hurt almost at all. I headed back to work then about and hour to and hour and a half later, it hit. The incision site got really sore and my lower back got sore and my body was just exhausted. I stuck it out at work but left an hour early. Now I’m at home on pain meds relaxing looking forward to an early night.


Sadly i think it’s time to throw away the roses my man got me after my surgery.


My halloween purchase that just arrived. I love this series!!!!


The zero tricker treaters means we have way too much candy left.


Blue apron week 2 meal 3. Korean bbq wings with a rice cake salad. Mom made the whole meal so this is the only pic i have……it was super yummy!!!! The rice cake salad was actually delicious but slighly weird.

And now a new week of meals starts!!!!!

My wonderful man made me dinner on Monday night and guess what he made me…….catfish piccatta with fettuccine!!! Hahahahaha! It was still delicious the 2nd time around.

We are more than half way tp Friday!!!!!!

How is your week going?

What is the last meal you cooked?

How are your workouts going?
I get to start working out again the week of the 15th!!!

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