Weekend Catch-up


It’s Tuesday!! After today we are like 1/3 through the work week!!!!

I didnt post over the weekend but here is how it went.

Friday night i went over to my friend Sarah’s and we had Papa Murphy’s pizza and watched Hot Pursuit, (i know i am behind lol) it was super cute. ( I need to remember to return it to redbox lol.

Saturday Carra (roommate) and i hit the gym and did the elliptical then i had a great lazy day, binged on “How to get away with murder” and did laundry.

Sunday Carra and i went to a yoga class at 24 hour fitness…not bad for a gym class. Then went to a bakery/cafe in SW Portland that was freaking phenomenal!


My fancy Mocha lol, but it was rich and wonderful.


I had an egg and cheese sandwich on like a cibatta roll with this tomato onion relish, super good!!!!

Then i finished ‘how to get away with murder’ season 1 and caught up on this season so far. I am totally addicted. Did some more laundry and some grocery shopping.

Sunday night i went over to the BF’s house and he made me dinner, he just signed up for blue apron and made this salmon dish with a farro salad…….holy hanna, it was delicous. I am so signing up for Blue Apron.

Have you ever tried Blue Apron?

How was your weekend?

I still haven’t gone a corn maze and my time is running out!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Catch-up

  1. Man it’s great that you’ve got a roommate to work out with! My gym buddy from uni has finally moved relatively close to me and we workout at the same gym. We have a nice little routine- gym after work, followed by a trip to the supermarket in which we’re both a little delirious and buy EVERYTHING, then cooking, showering, and passing out on the sofa. I love it. 🙂

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