Monday Motivation**October 12,2015


Happy Monday!!!!

Today- 7:30pm trainer appointment

Tuesday- Off, the bf is cooking me dinner :mrgreen:

Wednesday- cardio, either run 3 miles or do the elliptical, im not sure yet

Thursday-7pm trainer appt.

Friday- off

Saturday/sunday- my mom will be in town. I definitely want us to go out walking and stuff but we will also be car shopping so we shall see.  

What are your workout plans?

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation**October 12,2015

  1. Good for you girl! I need to start doing cardio but I’m all about the weights, I’ve just been slacking on the cardio end lately. Got home from a chest and triceps day and about to make a chocolate peanut butter protein shake, sounds so good lol

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