Tidbits for the week

Good Morning!!!!! Here are a few tibits that have been going on over here.


An old roommate cleaned out her closet and I got lots of goodies!!! Most are barely worn and some even still have the tags on them!!! I love having an ex roommate that works at Nike.

Fun times with the boyfriend, yep we are dorks

I have been enjoying some salads this week. I plan on hitting Costco in the next day or two and picking up their Chinese chicken salad mix so live on this week.

Medical terminology is in full swing!!! I have already been doing lots of studying!

I am sort of obsessed with Triscuits right now, they are pretty amazing, I finished this box and am currently eating rosemary and olive oil.

Saw this on a run this week……………

and in other news…………..this blonde…….has gone…………………

RED!!!!!!!!!!!! Well auburnish, The funny thing is, a lot of people haven’t really noticed because in certain lights my hair already had a bit of an auburn tint to it, so I just embraced it.

That’s it for me! Oh the bf and I have officially registered for a half marathon on August 5th. Better get my butt into gear!

Talk to you soon!

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