Tidbits for the week


Its been a pretty boring week for me, still getting over being sick.

I managed a 2 mile walk Thursday morning


and got together with my friend from my last job Thursday evening.

Did a mountain of laundry on Friday, and still have more to do.

Today I am back and work and this evening is my BF’s sister’s wedding. I am meeting the family!

Wish me luck!!!!

Monday my new class starts, medical terminology, I am pretty stoked for it, I have cases to read and try and diagnose and everything!!!!! It is online which will be nice. No more rushing from class to work.

I am also excited to get back to a normal schedule in my life this coming week as well. The first weekend of June my BF was out of town for a bachelor party, then next weekend I was in Cali, then I got sick. Now I am finally recovering. I am excited to get back to running and hiking and seeing my BF for more than 12 hours lol.

What does your week look like?

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