Wednesday wonderings

Happy Hump Day!!!! 

Well my run at lunch didnt happen. I went to the bathroom to change and low and behold i had forgotten a sports bra, now I have DDs so a sports bra is a must. So there was a change of plan, i sat back down at my desk and proceeded to spill my lunch  (chili) on my pants. 

After eating i went out to my car, rolled my windows down, laid my seat back and listened to a book on tape for 30 min. It was soooo beautiful i didnt want to go back into work, but i did. Sometimes it sucks to be an adult lol. 

Anyways i came home and changed to go out for my 3rd attempt at a run today

It was perfect weather outside

There is a nice little path not too far from my house

Check out all the cookies in my cookies and creme protien powder

Then it was dinner time, i am in between paychecks so that means im broke and living off leftovers and things i already had in the freezer/pantry. Tonight was a feeezer meal

Fish fillets and onion rings. 

Tomorrows lunch is leftover turkey and veggie stew that i froze a few months ago. Thankfully i made a vat of it lol. 

While dinner was cooking and after i got some chores done around the house so i am going to fall asleep tonight feelijg very accomplished lol

How was your Wednesday?

Does anyone else scrape by with odds and ends to eat until payday?

One thought on “Wednesday wonderings

  1. It was a constant paycheck to paycheck when you kids were growing up!!! They always say have at least 3-6 months worth of paycheck equivalent in bank for backup. Always laughed at that, because I wondered how they expected you to save up the money when we were struggling just to pay bills. lol

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