Mid-Week Pickup



How are your workouts going this week?

I ran Tuesday and Wednesday morning, this morning i slept in so i will be dragging my butt to the gym tonight to do some weights. My goal is to get in, do some weights and get out. I want to be quick and efficient. I need to get some leg workouts in and some arm workouts. I am not too worried about my abs because that tones as i run and do all the other stuff.

I miss weighted squats!!! Who would have thought?! Moving has thrown my whole schedule off so i am trying to get a new schedule set. Also i am dating someone so that is taking up some time. Got to balance the life!

Also i really need to find my book to study so i can start working on my personal training certification. Unpacking will be a serious theme this weekend.

Now send me some strong will to only have 1 scoop of the ice cream that will be served and work today.

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