Thursday thoughts

Woke up and hit the gym this morning.


Went for a little swim and forgot how to take a decent picture lol

Went to work and had a good day, 2 people were out sick though.

We had rain today which means I get to drive my waterfalls on the way home


It wasn’t raining when I left work though so I thought Artemis and I would go for a little run when I got home, then 2 exits away from home this happens


It starts pouring. Well a mile in the treadmill it is!!!!


I had salad and Gordens beer battered fish fillets for dinner.

Today was cake and ice cream day at work, they got this like 7-8layer fugde choclate cake from Costco.  I had a slice with vanilla ice cream, the first half was heaven, then I started feeling sick and by the end i wanted to puke, it was sooooo rich. Why can’t I ever just say no and throw half away? I need to work on that.

Well off to bed! Light spin and swim in the AM.

How was your day?

Can you throw the second half of a treat away if it is too rich?

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