Decisions, decisions, what to do?

So either way I think I need to find a new place to live and besides 1-2 leads that aren’t calling me back i cannot afford to live alone in the Portland area and I don’t think I can live with strangers.  This leaves either a significant raise at work or relocating to a new place.

My brother lives in Houston, Texas I looked and found apartment after apartment that would allow me to live comfortably, pay off debt and still have a life, my brother also said that there are jobs a plenty and Craigslist supports this.

My other idea is Indiana near the Kentucky boarder one of my best friends just moved there in November.  Craigslist shows jobs a plenty in the Louisville area and there are more apartments than I can count that I could again live comfortably in, pay off debts and still have a life.

Obviously I could go back to Reno and I have wonderful friends there but I feel like if I move I want to go somewhere new.

Both Texas and Indiana would be huge leaps of faith for me but at least this time I would have friends/family there. Also I want a farm and a husband who wants to farm and to have kids and both those places seem like they might have some men options for that hahahahaha!!!!

On the other hand I have been doing and my training and I am finally feeling like socially I am starting to get my sh*t together. I love the women in my book club, though I could use in both those new places and true bonds haven’t been formed with these women yet so yea.

Anyone want to give me their advice/thoughts/opinions?

3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions, what to do?

  1. 1. If you are in TX, mom could get a two for one visit! Lol
    2. If you are in TX along with Kris, I would be more open to moving there. TX is one of David’s other state retirement choice’s. The rest are in the western US.
    3. Check and see if both states have a book group, running group, hiking/backpacking group etc in the cities you are thinking about.

  2. Wow. Those all sound like wonderful locations. I would be having the hardest time deciding. I’d most likely leave it up to the best job position or the best bang for my buck. I don’t know if that’s a good way to decide but it would be where ever id be the happiest.

    I asked some friends that live in Oregon too about if they have any leads but they haven’t responded yet. I’ll let you know if they do.

    I hope the best. I would only want you to be happy where ever you are and doing. Nanette had some good suggestions. Although, I bet your going to have a sun overload if you move there. Hahahahahaha. Extra sunscreen until you get use to it again. Lol.

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