Well today wasn’t bad. I trained at work so I was bored out of my mind but it was ok.

I did stretch/strength with my trainer this morning that was awesome.

Tonight was book club. I am loving my book club!


The book on the left is what we read, very cute fun read. The horribly wrapped book on the left is a fun idea we did called a book blind date. You wrap a book and write 6 things about it on the cover then we each picked a book.

So read my description and here is the book it is for



Ill tell you about the book I got tomorrow.

So I got home and was making a quick dinner while getting all my stuff ready for tomorrow when one of my roommates came home and both roommates have found a place to live. One is moving out by June 1st and the other thankfully will stay until either I find a place or we get kicked out because the place sold.

So now the clock is ticking and I have the impossible task of finding someplace I can afford and still feel safe and comfortable……in other words a unicorn.

If anyone finds an apartment for less than $900/month with less than a 45 min commute to wilsonville and takes dogs. Please let me know.

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