Weekend Wrap up

Let’s see, Friday night I finished my book for book club the meeting is on Tuesday.

Saturday I got up and went to spin class


Then met my friend/co-worker at the farmers market


I got pita bread and humans and tabouli


Some flipping delicious local honey, I am eating a spoonful a day to help with allergies, I also started putting it in tea


I got more strawberries, and some local eggs and spring onions. I was craving eggs, I had them yesterday and today. They are half gone already lol.

The rest of the weekend for me was about reading and resting after having to deal with these allergies. How do people do this? I am feeling better. But only feel about 90%



It has been an overcast and rainy weekend. Actually I love it


Books and tea.


Got the coffee pot ready for tomorrow, finishing off this sample I bought in Hawaii


Use the pita bread to make myself a little pizza for dinner.

How was your Weekend?
How do you like to spend a rainy weekend?
How do you deal with allergies?

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