Back on track

Sucess!!!!! The Claritin seems to be starting to work so tomorrow it is back to the workouts.  9am spin class followed by the farmers market to get some fresh local produce.

Not much to report today, another crazy day at work. I went for a nighttime walk with my roommate which was nice and finished my book for book club,  the meeting is one Tuesday. 

Artemis got really lucky with her dinner tonight, I found some leftover pot roast in the freezer that I had made last year so she got that on top of her normal kibble. Man did she scarf that down.  I tasted the broth first to make sure it hadn’t gone bad or gotten a serious freezer taste and it was still yummy. She loved it! And she went on the mile and a half walk with my roommate and I so she had a pretty good night.

OK I am yawning like 3 times a minute so it’s bed time. See you in the AM for spin!!!!

Do you feed your dog (s)/pets human food?
We have fed our pets human food my whole life. The only thing we didn’t feed our last dog was chocolate and he lived to be like 17. 

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