Book Review**A Glimpse of Evil


Here is super fun series that is a very easy read. You don’t even have to read them in order if you don’t want to. I tend to just grab whatever one sounds like i haven’t read it. I think initially i read the 2nd or 3rd one first.

It is a cute story about a psychic who helps the policed or her friend who is a private eye solve cases. She gets herself in some dangerous situations along the way.

A great beach read or something to read between intense books.  

4 thoughts on “Book Review**A Glimpse of Evil

    1. Also forgot to tell you, try all the Dollar (type) Stores for books. That’s where I not only stock up on my Sudoku books, but have now bought about 7 hardback novels there for a dollar each!!!! Just keep checking each time your near one.

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