Weekend Catch-up

Being back home, and yes a part of me will always consider LB home, especially while the majority of my family is here, has been great. I wish i had more time to see everyone i wanted to see and that i was fully recovered from this cold so i wasn’t so exhausted but it’s still been an good weekend.

Mom and i walked to Starbucks Saturday morning for breakfast amd a workout.


  Saturday afternoon my friend took me to the movies amd we say ‘the 33’


It was sooooo good!!!!

Sunday morning mom and i met my sister, bother in law, niece and nephew for breakfast where i ate way too much but it was delicious! On the way there we saw this


I think this is the first time i have actually ever seen this in real life.

My my uncle and his wife and my other aunt met us for lunch and my grandma’s. And for dinner i had a terriyaki beef bowl from this whole in the wall place across the street that is freaking amazing!!!!  Once again i ate too much. This whole day i was boarding on being uncomfortably full, my family tends to congregate around food. I’m gonna have to start working my butt off and eating healthy again.

Ok now it’s sleep time, my eyes won’t stay open.

What did you do this weekend?

Where your food choices better than mine?

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