Blue Apron week 3 meal 3

Wednesday!!!!! We are halfway through the week. Celebrate!!!!

Last night i went over to my friend’s for dinner and girl talk. Ate pizza and drank soda and felt sooooo bloated afterwards. I always overeat when it comes to pizza, i just love it sooo much!!!!

When i got home i did 40 minutes of spanish lessons. El tiene gato. El gato es blanco. Lol

Then i made my last blue apron meal from last wednesday to take for lunch. It made 3 servings. LOVE when i get extra servings.



My photos are a little shotty from last night lol.





I have a set of 10 glass nesting bowls that all stack in each other and are sooo nice, but there is no room in the kitchen that i share with my roommates. Nor do i want to risk them getting broken so i use tupperware. Also there is NO counter space.

I cannot wait to have a house a an amazing kitchen!!!! Sadly that is probably a ways away. Well enjoy the rest of your wednesday!

What are you cooking up?

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