Thursday Thoughts

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!! So stoked! It has been a bit of a hellish week for me so i cannot wait for the weekend.


I don’t have a problem at all …lol actually one is coffee and one is tea. The white one is one of those reusable ones you can buy for a buck or two. 


This that time of year that sickness is going around so i am oiling up!!!


My unhappy face while dealing with all the BS that comes with buying a new car from a dealership that is incompetent!!! Gresham Ford has horrible customer service. I will never buy a car there again!


One of the very few silver linings was that one of the very few del tacos around here, was right around the corner!

After work i met my roommate and my new dogs current mom for dinner so she could tell me about the dog and get  to know me a little.

I get my baby on Saturday!!!!



I may have already hit petco……:mrgreen:

Do you have any pets? Any advice?

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