What a day

Well today has not gone quite the way i pictured it.

My mom showed up with donuts, i was pretty good and just had a taste of the different kinds.



Later my mom and i were heading toward a car dealership where i had an appointment and stopped at Panda Express. Again i tried to be good only had a bowl and ate about 3/4 of it. I found a car that seems like a good deal


2014 Ford something lol, but oh yea i dont have an Oregon drivers license yet or proof of Oregon citzenship or whatever which means if i buy a car right now i have to pay sales tax. How did i not think of that?!!!

So now i have to scramble this week to get my license, which means coming into work late one day or taking a long lunch……the week that i am already taking friday off for surgery. Ugh!!!!!!

Can nothing ever be simple?!
K rant over.

After that frustration, and a few tears of frustration, mom and i headed to the gym and got in some cardio.

Then we ordered some salad and pizza and are watching tv.

Tomorrow since car shopping is off for now, i think im going to drag my mom to a corn maze. My poor bf has been working so much we haven’t gotten to go together. Tomorrow night the bf is meeting my mother!!!!! Let’s hope it’s going well.

What are your weekend plans?

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