Midweek catchup


Its Thursday!!! Which means tomorrow is Friday!!!!! Gotta look on the bright side right?



That made me laugh so i had to put it in. And it is totally true.

My trainer kicked my butt Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday I felt it in my thighs and glutes!


Spent some time being a pedestrian lol. Dropped my mom’s car off to get the oil changed then walked the rest of the way to work, then walked back to the dealership at lunch. Thankfully i rememebered to not wear heels that day hahahaha!

I have been pretty good about my snacks so far this week:

20151013_105246 20151014_110026 20151013_101044

Tonight my trainer kicks my butt again.

Tuesday i counted my walking as my cardio hahahaha and wednesday I did a sort of HIIT workout on the recombent (did i spell that right) bike at my place. I watched some TV while doing interval training.

AHHHH my mom comes into town tomorrow, i am so excited! Yes i am totally a mama’s girl, i miss her!!! and on top of that holy crap we going car shopping, i am buying my first car!!!! Don’t judge that i am 27 and buying my first car lol.

Mom is staying through to my surgery next weekend. Can’t wait to share all the trouble we get into with you!!!

How has your eating been this week?

Have you stayed on track with your planned workouts?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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