WooooHoooo it’s Friday!!!!!

We did it! The weekend starts at 5! Well 5:30ish for me lol

20151014_182828 Message_1444874080004 20151014_182842

Actually did some cardio this week so that is good. Last night my trainer kicked my butt, or arms more acurately. I could barley lift my arms to turn the steering wheel, but today it hurts sooo good! And i prefer arm day over legs and abs lol. Somehow arms just feels a little easier.

20151015_135901 20151015_135905

I was really good today. It was ice cream day at work and instead of partaking i got a vegan burrito and a coconut milk pumkin spice latte. So i treated myself in a healhty way so i didnt over indulge on ice cream. SO freaking proud of myself, this was a first for me LOL!

I am now obsessed with the TV show “How to get away with Murder” i avoided it then when i visited my friend Sharon in Law school she said she watched the first episode and it was so like Law school so i watched it to get an idea then became obsessed. I bingded with Netflix and on demand and am totally caught up. It is on on Thrusday nights. Thanks to on demand it doesnt matter that i have training appointments, i dont have to miss it!!!



I have a serious crush on Frank, the guy with the beard.

Ahhhhh car shopping tomorrow!!!!!!!

and dinner with my mom and her new husband tonight 🙂

Any advice on what cars to get and what cars not to get?

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

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