Monday Motivation**July 6, 2016


Today starts my training for my half marathon!!!! Though its a day off lol. Mondays are off, but

Tuesday I run 3 miles

Wednesday i do weights and calistetics

Thursday I run 3 miles

Friday i do weights and calistetics

and either Saturday or Sunday i run 3 miles
Sound off if you are running with me this week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation**July 6, 2016

  1. Your schedule sounds wonderful! I am CHEERING for you! Health and happiness are the best and sanest reasons to exercise.
    My sister, Lori, was working with a trainer and I was (am) so
    Impressed and hopeful for her. But she kept saying, “But I haven’t lost any weight ” I said to her, “Screw that! It’ll come! Muscle weighs more than fat and you are building and toning your muscles. Weight loss will come. Exercise so you don’t end up like me if your health deteriorates for some other reason.” (I use a walker among other health issues ) I also told her that she is inspiration to others, that taking care of yourself (by exercising) will help others. It’s an action she can take to be of service to other people, without having to lift a finger or say a word to them! I was specifically thinking of myself AND both if her daughters, who both have trouble with their weight. I mean, you can hope, pray, talk to, push, threaten, whatever, other people but it comes down to their making the decision to do something. Being an example, without judgement is a wonderful way to change the world!
    Geez! I think I just taught myself something! Writing things down really helps to clarify things, doesn’t it?
    You’re doing swell, Ariana! Very inspiring!

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