Day on the farm!

Brandon and I headed out to his grandparents small farm in northern Oregon to hang out for half a day and had such a great time! It was so relaxing and wonderful.

From the moment we got there Brandon was in front of the blueberry bushes snacking away while we talked to his grandfather. Artemis enjoyed the flavor of the pigs trough water hahahaha. This is the only pig they have left and it is much more of a pet than something intended for a meal. It is getting old and grumpy though. It likes having its belly rubbed hahahaha!!!!! It was a little wary of Artemis but surprisingly she was not afraid of it!

I spent some time talking to his grandfather about their Israel trip which sounded amazing. Then we all went out to lunch and a teriyaki burger hit the spot.

When we got back from lunch Brandon, Artemis, the grandparents dog and I all set off to explore the property. 1/4 of their property is basically a little forest area that is super beautiful, the cows graze down there in the heat and there are blackberry bushes going wild. We wandered down there and explored and snacked on blackberries hahaha. Definitely getting our fruit quota for the day. Have you ever had a yellow raspberry? Now I have! they are pretty amazing right off the vine and according to his grandfather that is how you have to eat them because by the time you have them in the house they are starting to go bad.

At this point we were both super hot as it was the hottest part of the day so we headed back instead to talk some more and look at pictures and cool down.

Around 5:30-6 as the sun was starting to move toward the horizon and a lovely breeze started we headed out to feed the cows!! Got some hay from the barn and some treats for the cows and they slowly wandered over. We fed them some treats as well, their tounge feels like sandpaper like a cat! Again it took a minute but Artemis wasn’t afraid! Though they were a little wary of her hahaha.

Once the cows were chomping away happily we headed back down to the wood area and spent about an hour picking blackberries! 

We went home with probably a good 8lbs of blackberries! I am so making a blackberry balsamic reduction to freeze to put on some amazing stuff this winter (that post to come). At that point the temperature was perfect, I could have stayed out there for hours, and the space and joy of the country was just everything. It was such a great peaceful day. I can’t wait to go back!

In a month or 2 their trees will be hanging low with Apples!!! Can’t wait to make some apple desserts and some great slow cooker meals with apples!

Day 13-15 of 28 day cleanse

Day 13 was pretty normal and chill

Day 14 i woke up to the worst muscle cramp in my right leg. Cramps usually come from an imbalance of sodium, potassium and water so i added some stuff into my diet for the 14th and 15th

I got free leftover pizza from the pizza place next to work and i wasn’t turning down free food. 

I immediately regreted the pizza, i felt horrible. The maple bar on day 14 pretty much totally fine, the pizza, nope. So excited for a yummy, healthy smoothie in the AM. 

I’ve increased my sodium intake and my fluids and so far the cramps have gone away. 

Its been 2 weeks and i am down about 5lbs. I am feeling better overall I’m craving better food. I am loving smoothies/juice in the AM and a big salad as part of a late lunch then eating a real dinner. And as you’ve seen i can have off day or throw in extra good food if i am going to workout. 

I think this may go from a cleanse to a lifestyle change. 

Though now I’m reconsidering my cheap pizza after the half marathon…….hmmm what else would i want???? 

I’ll keep you updated!

Day 3 of 28 day cleanse

Today was a smoothie day instead of juicing and I got in just over 3 miles on the treadmill.

I am still so excited for dinner though!!!! It is amazing how excited about food I am. Dinner is the same as the last two days but tomorrow starts 4 days of just trying to do healthy non-processed food and I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am already salivating over dinner tomorrow night and Thursday night. I am feeling good though, there is still some bloat but overall I am starting to feel much better. Can’t wait to see how this keeps going!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Cleanse: Day 1 of 28

Hola, como estas? Bien, Bein.

How is everyone?

So my cleanse is of course unique to me, I do what works for me as should everyone. My plan is/was to juice until dinner then have a simple soup for dinner 3 days a week, the other 4 days I would eat regular meals but would try and make them as clean as possible while still being delicious so I don’t break the cleanse.

We are already off to a rip-roaring start hahahaha. I got 3 out of 5 juices made yesterday before I was tired and gave up. It is definitely time for a new juicer. After 2 moves I don’t know where the plunger is to show the food down into the juicing part so I am using a wooden spoon that gets caught sometimes and I have to do a single piece at a time as well as stuff is flying back out at me and hit me in the eye yesterday but I am doing it! and will make do this weekend until I can get another juicer.

Since I only got 3 of the 5 juices made I packed a very small simple salad to bring with me to work as well in case I am knowing my arm off before I get home to dinner and I have some no salt almonds. I did get my sweet potato and lentil stew made last night and poured it over a little brown rice to make it more rib stickin good and filling. My goal is to check in every day and tell you how it goes.

Here is my tentative menu: things will change and adapt though, and I already noticed my date is wrong, that last Monday with the date should be the 7th not the 31st hahaha!

So here we go!!!

My starting weight, before I even started my little pre-cleanse was: gulp…..170.2 lbs. and I am in between a size 10 and 12 (US women’s sizes). I am bloated and tired and my stomach hurts pretty often pre-cleanse. I need more energy and drive. And right now when I run I feel so tired and sluggish and weighed down.

7am- carrot, apple and ginger juice. I sipped on it for about an hour. 

A little handful of almonds for a little crunch 

A small salad for lunch along with juice

After work i went for a little run

And for dinner Alicia Silverstone’s sweet potato and lentil stew over brown rice

It was a little blander then normal because it was half water,  i didnt have enough broth, but it still tasted freaking amazing!!!!!! 

So foam rolling

And that is day 1 in the books. It was difficult but not as bad as i thought it would be. Every food in the world sounded good today.  Hahahaha. 

Anybody else jumping on board for this 28 day change of eating?

If so what are you changing about your diet?