The countdown is on

House news! The house we bought currently has tenants in it, they were given 60 days notice just after the start of the year so we should be able to move in the 2nd or 3rd week of March so 8 weeks and counting!

Good news is needed right now so that is nice.

This past weekend Brandon and I started perusing house things. We are taking stock of what we already have and what we need along with some style options. Trying to figure out how much money we will have for furnishing and decorating it. Time will tell!!!!

We checked out Ikea

The bathroom is a little small so we like these cute, space saving, economical options. The cream colored wood is also lightly paneled so it has a little bit of a country feel to it. I think we will be going with a different faucet though. I never noticed how little Ikea has with a farmhouse, rustic feel. But I got almost 200 tea light candles for really cheap so I am very happy about that, I love candles.

We bought some towels this weekend because they were on sale at Costco. Just the big bathroom towels, no hand towels or wash cloths so we need to find those hahahaha! We are pinching pennies everywhere we can!

I am starting to look at gardening things, there are about half a dozen things I can start indoors around the end of March so I am going to start looking at some of that though so far our winter has been pretty mild, if that continues I might direct start some outside. We shall see! I will let you know!

2 thoughts on “The countdown is on

  1. Any kind of real whipping cream carton, milk carton small or large are great plant starters or transplanting from smaller containers while waiting to plant outside……

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