3 weeks until school starts!!

Ok now it is really getting close. 5 weeks was like, no big deal I got this, now I am starting to freak out a bit hahaha. Being as how I do not have a definite future address I think I will be taking the class at the community college near my current/old house which is also the closer of the 2 community colleges to my job. My thought process right now (if I can work it out with roommates then Brandon) is just to go straight to school at work so I have extra study time (maybe fit a run in as I get the study schedule down).

I am definitely nervous about the course load of anatomy & physiology, I have been reviewing my medical terminology a little bit and doing some Quizlet studying. I think I will feel better once I get into the class and see the syllabus and the actual workload. Not knowing is the nerve-wracking part. BUT I GOT THIS!!! I just keep telling myself that hahaha, and thankfully so is everyone else. Next week I will probably commit to the class and buy the book. The unfortunate thing is the college seem to use the same anatomy book for all 3 classes…..but of course each college uses a different book. So if I take anatomy 1 near Portland and anatomy 2 and 3 in Salem I will have had to buy 2 different books. Knowledge wise that is awesome, cost wise not so much.

Check in with you next week!!!

2 thoughts on “3 weeks until school starts!!

  1. I’m telling you…DON’T freak out about anatomy & physiology! It is very interesting….the human body is an amazing, phenomenal organism which is fascinating to explore. Actually A & P was one of the most absorbing courses I ever studied.

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