Total rest day then run day


I may have been a little delirious

I slept for a total of like 13 or 14 hours and woke up to puppy cuddles

We relaxed in the AM then got out for a run and there was actually a little sun!

When I got back I tried to be good and stretch a little, forgot how much I hate stretching hahahaha, since I hate it so much it must mean I don’t do it enough

Don’t you love my crazy bright outfit? I actually had a darker blue sweater thing on top when I went out for my run.

Anybody else have a problem finding boots that fit right? My old boots were starting to be a little thrashed so my sweet BF bought me some new ones and the foot part fits by my calves are bigger from running that they are tight!

He is going to return them and buy a half size bigger and see if that works. I hope so cause I think they are soooooo cute!!!!

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