1 week to Europe!!!


Holy Hanna I fly to Europe in a week!!! I don’t know how I am going to sleep this week!

Things you should be doing the week before you travel:

print out all confirmations; flights, trains, boats, activities, everything. Print a copy of your itinerary.

Start the basics of your packing (if you are going on a long trip and don’t want a million suit cases you will pack and repack to find the best way to fit everything in.

How are you getting to the airport, train station, bus station, boat etc? Are you taking a cab or Uber, or do you need to make arrangements with someone to take you AND pick you up? Nail down that information now.

Also make copies of all important documents, passport, ID, insurance cards etc. Also leave a copy of each of these with someone who is not traveling with you, generally your emergency contact.

Take a deep breath and enjoy this exciting anticipation!

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