Running date, IKEA and sore knees

Hope you are all having a safe and fun Saturday night! Mine has been pretty wild and crazy…..I read a few chapters in

Then took a 40 min nap.

After that I got my butt up and went for a little run

My left knee is not happy with me

I looked at my Garmin stats and realized I tripped my miles this week, so it makes sense why my knees would be mad at me. I need to pay better attention 

Lesson learned. 

The roommate and I went to IKEA like I mentioned, we got stools for our table, a little butcher block thing with shelves under it and a coffee table/end table set. When we get them all built I’ll show you.  

My awesome roommate also treated me to a vacuum and car was today. My poor car needed it BAD!

Pine needles are a problem when you llive in Oregon 

Now it’s shiny and new!!!!

Ok now my running date. I don’t really have any pictures because I didn’t take my phone and the relationship is too new to put him on here, but this is me pre-run 

It’s was in the low 90s which made the run hard and (TMI Alert!!!) I am having a really bad period this month so I was really sluggish and heavy feeling and soooo bloated, none of that helped. But we made it 5.5 miles. We did one of my favorite old stomping ground parks so we ran the trails and walked the pavement. 

I was dragging really bad but he was super sweet about it. He was the a hare to my tortoise hahaha! 

So of course my running fantasy is a nice cool day, us laughing as we race through the trails, kissing at the end and being flirty and fun.

Reality was us sweating like pigs, me feeling like I was going to die and panting so hard he probably thought I was going to die and me trying my hardest to sort of keep up with him and telling him to run ahead and I’ll meet him at the end of the trail hahaha. He stayed with me though and on the walk/recovery parts he made me laugh and we did kiss and were flirty so overall it was pretty great. 

The last 1.5 miles my stomach HATED me!!! I was in a good amount of pain from the bloating. 

We hit the grocery store because my house was out of otter pops lol Then he picked up pizza for us

And cookie dough!!!! Smart man to bring his PMSing girl some cookie dough. 

I can’t wait to run with him again when I’m back to full strength.  

Have you ever had a running date?

Did you guys run the same speed?

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