A productive evening 

When I got off work i was in a bad mood. It was a combination of just being frustrated with work and starting my period and probably grumpiness from eating so much crap lately, thankfully that is slowly changing, but still just a bad mood. 

Anyways I sat in traffic and made it home. I got a load of laundry started and some dishes done, then relaxed with an ice cream and watched an episode of bachelor in paradise……in know how lame lol

I decided to run when the sun went down. After my ice cream I got the clean clothes hung up on the line to dry then changed clothes and headed out. 

I went out just me and my ipod shuffle, left the puppy at home. Since I was in a bad mood I knew her stopping me to smell things would frustrate me. 

Just me and the sunset 

Got in just over 2 miles

My knees were a little sore since I’ve stepped the running back up pretty quickly, I’ve added miles and speed which you are not supposed to do, bad me. 

I need to work on that. 

Had battered fish fillets and garlic bread with bolognase sauce on it lol

Look at those ears!!!!!! 

I am in a better mood now. Running really is therapy. 

Good night. 

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