Weekend wrapup 

I kept my entire Stitchfix box!! I loved it all and so did my roommate. We’ll be sharing some of the clothes hahahahaha!!

Do you want to try Stitchfix? Click here.

This morning Artemis and I went for a little run

I took us down by the river again, this time because it was warm, thankfully not as hot as the last 3 days but still warm so I took us down to the water to cool off a bit. I fell on the way down, graceful as ever lol. This is me resting afterwards 

A blackberry bushes attacked me on my way down

I’ll pull through though. 

By the time we got home it was a little warm

Update on the dryer, i got the lines wioed down so we are now successfully back to the 1800s

Sometimes it takes forever 2 dry!!! I got 1 load washed and dried as did you roommate. We will have to conserve clothes to make this work until we get a replacement dryer all worked out. 

A few more boxes got unpacked and some dishes done and put away. Slowly but surely we are settling in. 

How was your weekend?

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