Strength and sickness

So Monday morning I got up and went to my AM strength training and was fine we did have strength training half yoga, it was awesome.

Went to work and was ok until about 10am and I started feeling funky. 2 different bugs have been going around my work. I thought I had warded them off because they had made the rounds through almost everyone but I finally got hit. I went home around 11:30 and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching TV and dozing. I went to bed early and when I work up my stomach was still a little uneasy so I told work I would be in late and caught another few hours sleep. I think I’m on the mend and I am lucky I got it way less severe than anyone else but I still took today off training.

I’ve been eating mostly soup


Was fading after lunch and needed to clear my cloudy head


Does anyone else eat cup of noodle dry?


I actually really like it.

OK off to bed for me, I am going to attempt a 6am swim training. Hopefully I will be good to go from here on out.

How was the start of your week?

Do you eat any weird foods?

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