Weekend Wrap up

Well i had my alarm set to get up and go to the gym to swim before going to work at the tulip festival, 5:30am came around and no. I decided i needed the extra hour of sleep.


This sign reminds me of the story of how my parents met, or at least the story i was told lol. My mom was working as a gardener at LBCC and my dad was working as security and he walked by her bent over gardening one day and thought ‘I have to have that A**”. Whether this is true or not, I love the story lol.

It was raining today so i got to go home at 12:45 instead of 4. I got home and once again knew if i sat down i wasn’t getting back up so i unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded. I started getting the pot ready to plant my onion seeds



Annnnd ran out of soil lol. So i will be buying some on my lunch break tomorrow.
After that i wrote some correspondence



Post cards!!!! Yep i still enjoy snail mail. Then i finally sat down/laid down for a little while.

Around 5:15 i got up and got dressed. My Uncle and his wife are in town looking around so they took me to dinner then i showed them around a bit.

I came back home and had every intention of going to sleep early to hit the gym but that didn’t happen. I got sucked into 3 episodes of Veronica Mars. So baring an aqua arobics class i will be swimming tomorrow night.

How was your weekend?

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