Tuesday tangents


Well yesterday was the first day back after the holidays and first work day of the new year. After that snow ‘storm’ aka dusting everything got icy and froze.


I had to slowly roll each window down and break the ice layer.


The parking lot at work was pretty much empty lol.


But as it defrosted my view was beautiful!!


Today’s running tip.

About 2 years ago i subrscribed to one of those monthly delivery boxes like bark box but full of girly products that were also eco friendly. It was $15/month called eco emi. I am still working my way through stuff lol. I am almost out of face wash and I keep forgetting to pick some up…thank goodness for these little extras


  On the dating front I have started and stopped talking to 2 guys so far. I think we stopped talking because i have tattoos and want more………one for sure we stopped talking because i want sleeves one day and i think the  other one pretty much for the same reason because all of a sudden he said he had a change of heart and was conservative……and no mom, we weren’t talking dirty or anything!!!!!!
The single photo i had sent was of the vine tattoo on my foot, nothing kinky about that.  Apperently it’s gonna be reaaaaaal fun this time around.

How was your first day back to work?

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