It has been a rough month and through one of those rough situations i booked a semi-last minute plane ticket to try to rectify a situation. That situation can no long be rectified but the ticket had already been paid for so i get a long weekend in my home town with family and friends!!!!!


Long Beach!!!!  LBC baby!! Trying to be inconspicuous since im hanging at the airport waiting for my bestie to pick me up.


Awesome airport remodel Long Beach.


Yep, we diverse lol.

Just being here is putting a smile on my face.

Did i mention only 2 people know in advance that i am coming. Suprise family!!!

My friend picked me up from the airport and we hit my favorite Mexican restaurant Super Mex


Desimated that.

Enchiladas and quesadilla.


My $3 water from the airport lol. I put some Nuun in it for vitamins and electrolytes.

And now its time for me to pass out. Its been a long day.

Talk to you tomorrow!!!!!

2 thoughts on “TGIF!!!!!

  1. Hey! Lol. Hope u have fun. Too bad I missed u being down here. Hope to see u next time or hopefully I’ll be up there to visit soon.

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