I am doing a littlr better.

The week is more than half over wooohoo!!!!
Monday i went to dinner and a movie why my new guy. We saw ‘vacation’ i thought it was hilarious! Not quite as classic as the original but still really funny.
Tuesday the amazing new guy came over and put together my new bed frame and my roommates treadmill. He spent 2 hours putting things together for me and my roomie. He is soooo wonderful!
Today i enjoy thr leftover candy from our movie lol


I have drank more high calorie coffee drinks than i should


But on the plus side i went to the gym tonight and did my 3 miles!


Then i hit the pool and did 4 or 6 laps, i can’t remember. I know that doesnt sound like a lot but ive only done 12 as a max before and that was not having run first. I’m working back into it.
Post gym selfie


Talk to you soon!!!

What was the last movie you saw?

What was your workout today?

One thought on “I am doing a littlr better.

  1. Last movie we saw was Mission Impossible. It was ok. I’m just not a big Tom Cruise fan. Don’t know why, but I’m not.
    My exercise today consisted of an hour and 20 min drive holding onto steering wheel (arm workout!!),then I can only count leg action by pressing gas pedal for 1/2 the trip into PA (cruise control 1/2) where I stopped and got my first Starbucks in a week!!!! Hmmm, then my next real exercise was trying on shoes for 1/2 hr at Payless Shoes and walking up and down the aisle without breaking my neck. :)) But the real workout was when I got to Wal-Mart and had to walk pretty much the entire store and pick things to buy while killing time for motorcycle store to finish mounting new tires on the Harley rims. Then I had to exercise my arms and legs again for an hour and 20 min all the way home……. I’m exhausted!!!!!
    Love you, Mom

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