Genius Freaking Idea

Howdy all!!!!

So i have had these pictures on my phone saying i was going to do a blog since before i left Nevada and i am just now doing it…..slacker party of one!!!

Anyways, there is a park in Fernley, NV that so has the right idea, I think all parks should do this. So it has the normal playground for kids and all but surround the playground are 5 or 6 workout stations… genius is that!!! They are simple stations so a parent can workout while keeping an eye on their kid at the park.

20150525_110653 look right in between the green poles and the jungle gym thing, in the background that is workout station.

20150525_110707  here is a little closer pic of the one by the playground then look to the right and there is one out there.

20150525_110647 and here is a close-up of one of the stations. This was the stretching station.

Is this not awesome??!!

Does anywhere near you have anything like this?

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