Book Review: The Maze Runner series

Hey Everyone!!!

A few months ago I watched the movie “The Maze Runner” and actually really liked it. I checked on IMDB and found that they were already filming the second book to turn into a movie. I am so much of a book nerd that I love to read a book then watch the movie and compare and contrast hahaha. I happily discovered that the books were pretty cheap to put on my kindle, so i downloaded the entire series.


The Kill order is a prequel so i haven’t read it yet, but i read The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure all within about 10 days.

I did like them and they held my interest but by the 3rd book I was starting to think, ok same storyline set up in different ways. That does seem to be the way our popular young adult series’ are going though. To me it falls along the same lines as the Divergent Series and the Hunger Games series.

I actually couldn’t finish the divergent series because i read all three books in a weekend (i borrowed them from a co-worker and other people in the office wanted to borrow the series too so i read fast) but it turned out to be overload, it was the same storyline with different scenarios and villains in each book, it started driving me crazy.

The same goes for The Maze Runner…..SPOILER ALERT…..don’t read on if you don’t want to know.


They get out of the maze only to be put in another test situation, then seem to be rescued, only to be put in another test in the 3rd book. James Dashner does keep it fresh by constantly killing people off and making you never know who Thomas can trust and adding in new characters that i was at least semi-curious until the end.

Overall i did enjoy the series and will read the prequel but if you read the series go into it know that it is for young adults, at least i would say that it is, it is an easy quick read, sometimes predictable and sometimes monotonous but overall fun.

With summer coming it would be worth the cheap price to throw it on your kindle for a beach read. And the movie was awesome i am really excited for the 2nd one.


If you have or do read the books, tell me what you think of them šŸ™‚

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