Quick and easy lunch


Between my mom packing up her house when I was there and now getting back into a work schedule and sleeping on the couch until my room is ready hahaha buying fresh groceries and cooking healthy meals has been difficult; because of this i am totally into pre made salads right now.


I call it the best of the worst options. It’s not fast food which is good but it is still produced food. It would of course be healthier, not to mention cheaper, to make my own salads but for the moment that is a bit difficult as i am not quite comfortable in my new place yet.

These salads are yummy, filling and they have a wide variety. They aren’t crazy high in calories which is good. These are a big part of my diet right now…..but i can’t lie, i will be really happy when i can get back to cooking and planning my own meals.

What do you grab to eat in a pinch?

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