Happy Tuesday!!!!

I made it to Portland! I met my new roommates and they are super nice! I started my job back up and am already hanging with friends and getting back into life.
Not to say everything is perfect becasue i am living out of a suitcase and a few boxes and will be sleeping all around the house until my room is ready hahaha!!!

That being said some things i am LOVING right now are:


Travel size stuff. It is way easier for me to cart this around then a bunch of full size stuff.


Mary Kay concealer. I’ve never been a big concealer person but the is super lightweight and evens out my skin.


Foundation powder from proactive, cause yes i have a little acne.


I found my Bobby pins which i am stoked about!



And this purely you bronzer. I got it in a monthly eco emi box when i was getting them and am loving it!!! I have been using it as eye shadow and bronzer to give myself a nice summer glow.

What are some things you love right now?

2 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!!!!

  1. I’ve gotten a few new things lately. I got a new bag. It’s a saddlebag that turns into a backpack. It’s made to look like darryls vest from the show walking dead. I recently been bing watching and catching up on some tv shows and movies. Firefly and serenity, the Big Bang theory, the last man on earth, don Jon, malificient, and have been catching up with game of thrones. I ve recently attempted a new workout routine. It’s not really routine. Even with a normal schedule I have trouble keeping the workout regular because of many reasons. Mainly traffic problems. Lol.

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