Day 4 and 5


So yesterday mom and i went to REI, i was a little nervous because i’ve never returned anything there but have always heard its so amazing, well it is! I bought my tent in April 2014 and they took it back with no questions. I am so impressed with REI, they may have just saved my hike!
The new tent i got is still a small 2person tent, i wanted a little extra room inside so i could spread all my stuff out. Its freestanding so barring a tornado (knock on wood) it shouldn’t collapse on me.  Im really excited for this tent and bonus……its lighter than the one i returned! This tent is only 1lbs 15oz! Man technology is crazy.



It has a rainfly to go over it but i dont have it on in the picture. I love that it will stay standing even if i cant get it staked down out in nature.

Yesterday afternoon we went over to my aunt’s to use her WIFI and i replanned my entire resupply so normally i am not carrying more than 4-5 days of food. There are three or four times down the road where i get up to 7 days of food but it couldn’t be helped. I also cut down the amount of food im taking for each day, i cut a bunch of the snacks out.

So today i will repack all the food i have into several resupplys and set up directions and addresses and everything mom will need for my resupplys.

Other possible news is mom and i are talking about me taking her pack back out on the trail because it is 2lbs lighter than mine….but hers is brand new and 5 years of me using it would trash it im sure. So we are discussing it.
Ill keep you posted.
I should be back out on the trail tomorrow or Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Day 4 and 5

  1. Yay! Glad to see you trimming on pack weight

    And definitely take your mom’s pack if it fits you. 2lbs is huge 🙂

    It will still be useful after a thruhike, just a bit smelly and loved 🙂

    1. I told Ariana 2 lbs is huge too!!! We did discover, however, that my pack is smaller than hers, but now with all the eliminated stuff, I think it will do just fine for her.

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