Day 3


So mom and i started the day in El Cajon, we took a trolly to the San Diego Amtrak station


Then we took the Amtrak train to Santa Ana


Enjoyed some lovely train food lol


My wonderful sister picked us up at the train station and brought us back to my grandma’s.

Here is the new plan, tomorrow mom and i will hit REI where i will get a new tent, one that doesnt use my trecking poles so it wont collapse on me in the middle of the night lol……hopefully.

I will rethink my entire resupply plan so that the max amount of food i will carry at one time will be 4-5 days MAX. And i will continue to eliminate more from my pack.

Ill take a few days to relax and mom will drive me back to Mt. Laguna on Sunday which will put me just about back on track.

Oddly i already miss the trail a bit. But ill be a much happier hiker when i am carrying less wait……now to Starbucks!!!!

Talk to you all soon and thank you all so much for the support!

7 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. I’m so stinkin’ proud of you for getting right back up after you were knocked down!’!! You’re a fighter, babe. I’m happy to hear you’re paring down your pack and giving it another go. Hike the hike you want. You don’t have anything to prove. This is about the journey, not the destination. Love you!

  2. Hike your own Hike is right. So declare ownership of the PCT. So happy you are headed out again. You’ve got some great experts following your blog giving great advice. How awesome for you. Posted on day 2, so posting again.

  3. Yay! !!

    So happy to hear that you aren’t discouraged– you could also consider waiting till kick off to get gear. Sorry– I just love the hiking cottage industry– it’s the secret to thruhiking 🙂 Gossamer gear, ULA packs, 6 moon designs, Lightheart gear will all be there. There are honestly only 2 tents at rei that are thruhike suitable– they are both by Big Agnes 🙂

    How did the tent collapse? Did the stakes pull out of the ground? If so, you can use stronger stakes (msr mini groundhog) and put rocks on the stakes before you go to bed. We have camped in intense wind with trekking pole tents and been ok — but of course, my boyfriend always used 20 lb rocks for the anchors. Hehehe 🙂


    1. So glad you are not giving up! It may take some working the kinks out since it’s your first time but I’m sure you can do it! What a great experience for you and you can do the trail however it works for you. Much love to you, love auntie😘😘😘

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