Trail Handbook and Maps!!


So excited, my PCT handbook and maps have arrived!!!!

I have ordered Yogi’s PCT handbook.



Hikers swear by this book, i can’t wait to dive in and get some words of wisdom!!!

I also ordered Halfmile’s PCT maps.

CAM00087 CAM00086

This thing is heavy!!! I will be splitting these up until sections and mailing them in my resupply boxes. I will also be downloading Halfmile’s app to use on the trail.


With the kit i ordered i also got a few little fun tidbits:


10 PCT post cards


Town resupply cards, so much great info!!!!


And somewhat oddly a bright orange spoon………..


Now that i have gotten these i can start the intense planning of about how many miles per day and my resupply stops. I will do that over the next month and let you know when i have my resupply stops planned and the approximate dates.


Talk to you soon!!!!!


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