1st training hike

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Two days ago my mom and I did our first “training” hike together (she has been doing small laps around the block by herself before i got here). Now when i say training i mean we got up at 5:45ish and were out the door around 6:10 and did a 1.5 mile loop around the neighborhood twice, for a total of 3 miles. We walked at a medium pace so it took us about an hour to complete.

We also stopped to talk to two neighbors and watch some wild horses 🙂

I wore my hiking shoes to get used to them again, i will definitely need to break them back in. I am hoping these hiking shoes will last me about 400-500 miles. Normally with new shoes you hope they will last you about 700+ miles, but i have had these shoes for about 5 years. My shoes have gone to Costa Rica and Peru with me and have done local hikes in Nevada and Oregon, so my fingers are crossed for 400-500, which means………its a woman’s favorite thing (well one of them)…..i get to go SHOE SHOPPING soon 🙂 hahahaha.

This will be the first of many training hikes because we need to get mom (and me) used to hiking higher milage everyday with packs on our back full of weight. As our hikes get a little longer and more difficult ill post some more 🙂

So i leave you will another picture of beautiful wild horses

Yes, this was later that day out of my car window lol

Talk to you soon!!!

4 thoughts on “1st training hike

  1. That sounds like a great 1st training day for you and your mom, keep up the good work!! I think it you might need new shoes sooner then latter =D
    OMG I love the wild horses!!!

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