My first “Oh Shit” moment

Hi Everyone!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the coming of fall!!!! I sure am 🙂

So, as you saw in my first training hike, the wild horses are out and about here. Last night I get woken up at about 1:40am by a noise outside my open window. I hear snorting and the bushes shaking and gushing liquid. I am freaking out, since I just woke up I am a bit over the top in my thinking. I go to sleep with a playlist going very quite on my ipod, it must have been on its last song because I hear faint music, so my two thoughts are OMG there is someone about to jump in my window with headphones in and I can hear there music (what kind of person would break in with headphones in, they couldn’t hear anyone sneak up on them) then when I realize that I think OMG a wild animal like a coyote (which we do have) or a wild boar, because of the snorting (which we don’t have lol) is about to jump in my window through the flimsy screen and maul me.

In my defense I had just woke up so I was a bit still in la-la land. I laid there frozen, afraid if I moved the animal (that I could only hear and not see) would realize I was there and attack me. I even tried to calm myself down because I reasoned that the animal could smell my fear (nervous, scared sweat is actually supposed to smell much stronger). After about a minute I crawled slowly, quietly out of bed and ran to my moms room like a scared 5 year old hahaha. She comes back to my room with me and looks out the window and low and behold there is a giant horses butt less than 10 feet away from my window.

I knew the horse wasn’t going to jump through my window, they were trying to get the water coming out of the sprinkler, but I totally still closed my window to only be open an inch instead of the foot it was hahahaha.

After all of this, the thought that entered my mind is…..oh shit, if a wild horse scares the crap out of me (at night) when I am safe in my house, how the hell am I going to manage the wild animals on the trail? This was the first time I really thought, “what have I gotten myself into?” Hahahaha.

This will be very interesting…….

4 thoughts on “My first “Oh Shit” moment

  1. I was thinking about those wild animals too….like black bears. When I went to Yosemite I brought ‘bear bells’. I hope you put out some water for the horses the next day…

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