Cooking, camping and a happy ending

My first time cooking with purple potatoes!

Kitchen sink soup. We’ll technically it’s everything but the kitchen sink but it’s easier to just call it kitchen sink soup. You take all the odds and ends from your fridge, freezer, and pantry then throw in a bunch of spices. Whatever calls to you. Usually it at least turns out decent.

Look how colorful it turned out!!!

Off to camp for the weekend

She’s excited

We had a bit of a hike to get there

How beautiful is that?

Breakfast Saturday morning

This is the moment where everything went wrong

we were shooting guns and artemis was scared but doing ok then 2 of the guys took off on dirt bikes and she suddenly shot out after them then disappeared into the forest.

She didn’t follow them to where they were she turned off on some unknown route.

we searched and called for her for hours with no luck.

the sun went down so we started the fire and cooked dinner hoping she would wander back but she didnt…

I was exhausted and new we couldn’t find her and night so I went to sleep. Brandon’s sister woke us up just before midnight saying Artemis was in camp but when we got out there she was gone.

the next morning Brandon said there was one place not too far from camp he knew about, it was a small end table sized wood shed he had cleared out a few years ago. (We were on his families land)

he went and checked and she was hunkered down in there. he said she didn’t even lift her head when he called her. he had to drag her out and carry her back to me. she was shaking so bad. All ended ok. We thankfully found her. I was so sad and scared and distraught. I don’t know what I would have done if we hadn’t found her.

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