The terrible reason I have been MIA…

On January 3rd my brother took his life. He had, unknowingly to us, been battling depression for the better part of 20 years. Michael was the first to crack a joke and always offered to help. I don’t know why he didn’t ask us for help, there is not a person in our family who wouldn’t have dropped everything to come help him. There are many questions that will never be answered. Most of my immediate family has spend the last week-ish in Reno taking care of all things you have to when someone dies. My family is heartbroken. I will try and get back on my posting schedule this coming week as life attempts to return to normal.

Michael and I shared a love of cooking. Our connection was food and the kitchen. He far surpassed me though. I cooked simply for the joy it brought me whereas Michael went on to become the executive chef of a restaurant in Reno. He loved to locally source food and create amazing dishes. He will be dearly missed from our lives.

his adoption photo

This is the last set of photos we will have will all of us in them…..

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