Where are all the good houses?

Since my last post we have gotten the previous inspection report on one house and would basically have to gut it from the inside out and pay crazy insurance until we got all the electrical fixed in case it suddenly burst into flames…..I am only half kidding.

Image result for house on fire meme (picture from nytimes.com)

so on to the next one. We saw one in the middle lower end of our price range that didn’t jump out at me as amazing but would be fine. The yard was small enough that I probably couldn’t have chickens but could do a halfway decent food garden.

The bf wasn’t feeling too great this weekend so we kept it low key. he emailed the realtor to get some info on the house and we decided to drive by it on Saturday to give us something to do that wouldn’t make it much worse. Don’t worry no one is living in the house right now so we didn’t creep on anyone. When we got there the house was being shown to someone so we drove by, went to lunch and Red Robin then headed back. I kid you now as we pulled into the driveway the realtor replied and said it was not financeable (probably because there is a hole in the roof) so there goes another one. We drove around the block deciding if we just wanted to head back home or what and as we came back around someone else was looking at the house, that is how fast these houses are going. It’s crazy.

Image result for competitive house market meme (image from pinterest)

I think we are going to go back to the bank and try and get preapproved for 25-50k higher so we can get something that is actually livable. We originally asked for a low amount to keep our payments as low as possible but I guess we are going to have to go up a little bit. I will keep you posted, wish us luck!


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