Day 9: At Sea

Today is our first full day at sea. I slept in until 9am then got some breakfast. We did laundry and my roommates watched a movie while I read. Then we hit the gym, 2 miles! First 2 miles in about a month hahaha.

 Then Emily and I hit the steam room to relax. 
After a steam and relaxation I went to a free ladies pamper party. Basically a sales gimick but i got a free little collegan face and eye treatment so I’m all for it and they gave us massage coupons so i upgraded my massage that is planned for 2nd day at see to something better for the same cost. Love it!!
I had a pizza for lunch and got a coffee. 

Then we chilled in the room until the champagne toast at 7pm for formal night. 

The toast was fun, we got to go up and pour in the champagne fountain if desired. At some point I’ll have to do a follow up post with a bunch of photos i collect from other people and when i sort my phone out. 

Formal dinner was really good!!! I had a shrimp cocktail and lamb shank in a thyme sauce with potatoes and artichoke hearts. It was delicious!!!! The sit down dinners here are pretty amazing when i manage to get to them. 

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