I got to see my mommy!!!!

Yes I sound like a five year old and I am ok with that. I love when I get to see my mom. SI worked yesterday at the tulip festival for 7 hours then rushed home to tidy up a bit before my mom got in. She stayed overnight with me to break up her trip, today she continued on toward Reno where we used to live.

We got to relax and talk while we waited for my roommate to get home then we all went out to dinner at sweet tomato.

(image from Google)

Love this place, buffets make me happy. I always start off with a huge plate of salad so I can only do tastes of the less healthy things…..of course no one does salad like my mom who’s first trip consisted of two plates of salad hahaha.

After dinner we just relaxed at home again, chatted, watched an episode of Charmed


(image from Google)

(hahahaha) then were in bed with the lights out by about 10pm.

We got up at 5am because I had to be at work at 7am and she was continuing on for another 8-9 hours of driving. We drove to Starbucks, had breakfast and headed our separate ways. Sad face, I will see her in a week though on her way back.

Today I am working in the morning then the boyfriend comes over! I am so excited that regular paychecks are going to start rolling in soon!!! I can actually pay my bills again!

It looks like the rain may end just before I get off work tomorrow, if so my goal is to get outside and take the dog for a 4 mile run! If not I think I’ll hit the gym at 8 for a 3-4 mile run while watching that show, time after time, I think that is what it is called about Jack the ripper and H.G. Wells time traveling.

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