Runner safety tip #1

Right now it is cold, gray, and raining outside and the fore see able forecast is more rain. That being said it is rain and not snow, it may not feel like it but sping is just a month and a half away which means whether you are running outside right now or not more and more of us will be hitting the streets soon instead of our trusty treadmills. 

One really important thing is to keep your running routine varied. It is so easy to find a time and place that fit perfectly into your daily or weekly routine and stick with it. Don’t. Varry when you run and where you run. 

Not having variation in your routine makes you and your home vulnerable. 

You are vulnerable to stalkers (especially with so much of our lives on social media), kidnappers and sexual assults. 

Your home is more vulnerable to being broken into if someone knows you always go out for a run on a certain day and time and are gone a certain amount of time. 

I know it’s a pain but try and change it up now and then.

More runner safety tips coming soon!!!!

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