Happy Friday!!!!! I am going to try and keep this short because i took the other dream water that i bought earlier in the week and its kicking in.


Most of work was good today. The department i work in had a little pot luck for belated St. Patty’s day.


We had 2 delicious soups, both vegetarian :mrgreen: and some delicious gluten free dairy free corn bread with vegan honey butter.


My contribution was veggies and fruit.


Another coworker brought fruit and donut holes……i may have  had a few too many of those lol. I snacked all day.

I had some surprises waiting for me at home, well not really suprises since i ordered them lol.


My Road ID came!!! It’s basically an ID bracelet witn emergency contact information and relevant information for emergency responders. Since i dont have a training parter i figured it was time to be responsible. There is even room for a fun saying!
Mine says: Beast mode, you got this.


I also added this fun little tag for $5. Gotta love the motivation.



My triathlon shorts came!!! Cant wait to run in them this weekend amd bike in them on Tuesday! I ordered a top too but it was a bit snug so i am going to return it and go up a size.


I enjoyed some ‘ you’ve got mail’ tonight. Such a cute movie. And yes the TV in my room is a million years old lol. But it works so I’m good.


I went with some simple top ramen for dinner. And now its sleep time.
Good night!!!!
Hope you had the Friday night you wanted ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Ooh i love that Road ID! I need to get one, have been meaning too for months, but now I’ve seen yours with the fun saying, not sure I can just get a dull one!

    PS. A colleague of mine brought donuts to the office- I feel you on that one!

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